Peggy da Silva guides projects and organizations to greater effectiveness, using the best strategies from adult education, management and community health promotion.  She focuses on the nuts-and-bolts steps that lead to smooth-running workplaces, impactful public programs and ultimately --  healthier communities.  Working with an executive team or community leaders, she will design a process to clarify desired outcomes, implement appropriate activities and track and celebrate achievements.

Peggy’s approach is specific to each organization’s needs, but draws on 30 years of experience within the private, public and non-profit sectors.  She uses clear planning, outcomes-based education tactics and practical evaluation strategies. She supports individuals --  and groups -- as they build the knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to success. Depending on the need, she can create a comprehensive training system, write a manual or report, deliver an engaging seminar or bring order out of chaos at a community meeting. 

 Like a pinwheel, it all looks easy once it’s spinning. Peggy puts it together.