Update Winter 2018-19

Starting several new projects all focused on bringing training ideas from community-serving agencies and businesses to higher effectiveness, such as: integrating Family Partners into work teams, taking an innovative approach to well-baby care from pilot to national scope, and helping staff members deal with an emerging concern over bullying at senior centers.

Have gotten great response to the blog I published through Global Learning Partners: http://globallearningpartners.com/blog/oh-no-they-wrecked-my-design


Peggy grew up in San Francisco, right near the Pacific Ocean, and is a proud graduate of Mercy High School.  After attending UCLA and the University of Hawaii, she found her first job in Colorado, as a health educator with migrant farmworkers.  There, she added an appreciation of mountains to her love of the ocean. 

She found her husband there, and, after a two-month bicycling honeymoon in Europe, they settled back in San Francisco.  Two children and two renovated old houses later, they still enjoy bicycling.  Lots of miles allow them to indulge another favorite pastime:  food!

Peggy has always been involved in neighborhood and environmental activities.  When not busy on the civic scene – or working – her favorite pastimes are sewing, cooking and reading.  She’s delighted to have been a member of a monthly book club which has been meeting for over 20 years.

Eugene - Lorane Road 2.JPG