Education and Training

Education and Training

All organizations need their people to work better, smarter, and with more engagement.  All people want clearly defined expectations and support so that they can excel at work.  Peggy's skills in adult education, and in the development of workplace training systems, brings these benefits to a variety of settings:  small and large organizations, private companies and public agencies.

Peggy creates both new-hire programs and those for experienced staff.  Effective “onboarding” trains people to hit the ground running…in the right direction.  Peggy trains managers or trainers to implement excellent and efficient new-hire training.  She also designs more individualized training approaches for seasoned staff, and creates a framework for a company’s overall training system. 

Her specialty is training for front line staff people:  for example, warehousers, caregivers, community health workers.   High-quality staff training is not always offered to people in these positions.  But it is effective. Peggy works with managers to define job functions and competencies. Training leads people to understand exactly what is expected of them:  the specific task, their relationship to the business whole, and how they can contribute their best.   She attends to evaluation at all levels of training – from the initial satisfaction of the learners, to immediate demonstration of competence, to effect on the business’ bottom line (or lines). 

Peggy’s training approach is modular, so that a company can build one block at a time, developing a training system that is appropriate for that specific business.  Peggy coaches managers as training develops, assuring that it integrates with management systems.

"I think Peggy is amazing and her training process really forces organizations to think about structure and HR." Tatiana Garcia-Granados, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Common Market Philadelphia


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Illustrative Experience:  Staff Training

Veritable Vegetable, Inc.: Designed a comprehensive new-hire staff training program for the nation's oldest organic fresh produce distributor.  Wrote training materials for sales, shipping and for the company's proprietary computer system. Targeting the highest-turnover department - warehouse - created a training program that reduced turnover by two-thirds, and increased employee satisfaction and diversification of skills.

"Peggy is the example of a change agent. She has the abilities to lead managers around, over, under or through barriers to continued success."   Jane Lawton, HR Manager (ret.), Veritable Vegetable

California WIC Branch: Used task analysis to define job functions of WIC's largest employee group: nutrition assistants.  Created a certification process for these employees and staff training to support the required job functions. Our certification process has been replicated in several other states. 

"Peggy's  work on the Family-Centered Education curriculum and training were exceptional.  I appreciate the way she drew in varied that WIC could benefit from a more multi-disciplinary approach. I get many requests from other states for our materials.Heather Reed, Public Health Nutrition Specialist, California WIC

National Head Start: As part of a multi-year, multi-agency effort,  created a series of national training guides on health topics.  Topics included wellness, staff health, environmental health and injury prevention.  Published by the Government Printing Office, these guides are the go-to resources for health topics in hundreds of Head Start programs across the country.

First Five Alameda County:  Working with experts in early childhood services, developed a manual for administrators who manage early childhood coaching initiatives.

Common Market Philadelphia:  Designed a framework for this emerging food hub, enabling them to develop targeted training for all front-line workers: packing, sales, purchasing, driving and inventory control. Coached the staff as they built a high-quality staff training system.