Update Summer 2013

Recently Published in the Small Business Exchange:
Beyond the Video: Why Your Small Business Needs a Customized Staff Training System


Update Fall 2013


Invited to present two trainings back East...For More Information check out the websites   

  • The International Dialogue Education Institute in Baltimore: http://www.globallearningpartners.com/2013-institute
  • Developing Competent, Engaged Staff:  A Key to Food Hub Sustainability: http://www.cardeaservices.org/training/commonmarketTOT.htm

Update Spring 2014

Peggy was delighted to be invited to lead two training sessions at the national Food Hub Conference:  March 25-28, 2014 in Raleigh NC. It was a great gathering, and a wonderful opportunity to share strategies for effective staff training.

To view Peggy's Wednesday Presentation:  click here